Snapchat selected me to participate in their Spectacles Creator Program, whereby I had access to their not-yet-publicly released AR glasses, Spectacles (v. 2021). Here are a few lenses I created for Spectacles. You can view previews of all my published Spectacles and mobile Snapchat lenses (and open them directly on either Snapchat mobile or Spectacles) on my Lens Creator portfolio. Primary tools for creation: Quill by Smoothstep (formerly Oculus) and Lens Studio.

Grateful for this official shoutout from the Spectacles team! Also highlights one of my core approaches to thinking about the future of AR technology.

Prototype of a grocery shopping helper lens for Spectacles.

Idea: use AR glasses to engage in mini breaks, e.g. bathroom breaks. Comfort in someone else floundering? Maybe different people need different types of breaks...

Feeling better after breaking out of the plastic shell and entering into a raw existence even if everything seems worse and maybe is worse and maybe doesn't feel better at all, actually.