Tools to enhance Quill (VR art/animation software), Fall/Winter 2023
In conversation with members of a small Quill-based animation studio, I've worked on a couple of exploratory coding projects to automate or enhance aspects of Quill (VR art/animation software) creation. Examples include automating viseme matching in Quill,  generating and tweaking a steady particles effect, and automating the duplication and renaming of Quill layers for applications like blendshape face rigging. 
I coded in C#, making use of other existing open source libraries and applications (SharpQuill, Rhubarb Lip Sync). 
More information (and all of my spaghetti code) available as a GitHub repository. Standalone UI versions available on request, and I encourage anyone who uses the tools I made to reach out about bugs, issues, and feature requests. 
Participation in XR Brain Jam, NYC, July 2023
I was accepted into and co-represented the Center for Transformational Play at the XR Brain Jam, part of Games for Change festival, "an innovative, collaborative event that pairs researchers with XR game developers and digital creatives, and charges them with exploring the intersection of their domains together." My role in the team was Producer.
 Our team's experience, XR Carriage Ride, won the audience choice laurel.  XR Carriage Ride is a prototype of a 2-player, 2-device (AR and VR) NYC horse-drawn carriage ride experience in which Player 1 (AR, scene controller) has more power and different experiences than Player 2 (VR, embodied horse). Player 1 can make playful and whimsical choices in the game that create distress and suffering for Player 2. This game uses embodied perspective-taking and parallel but divergent player experiences to encourage players to reflect on others’ experiences and build empathy for other beings.