If you have access to an Oculus Quest or Oculus  Rift, you can view my work directly in VR. See my Oculus portfolio here. Below are a selection of videos filmed from within VR.

A snuggly, simple one-player VR role-playing game: Put a 3-year-old pumpkin to bed. Fall 2022. Quill by Smoothstep. (In VR experience, you pause as long as you wish before moving forward).

Created in collaboration with poet Chiwan Choi, inspired by passages from his newest book, my name is wolf. Oculus Quill (now Smoothstep), 2021.

Silly VR adaption of a children's book I had written for my daughter and mother-in-law. Oculus Quill, 2021.

A playlist of example videos for Mercosur Biennial proposal, created in collaboration with artist Amanda Coimbra, 2021.

Animated still, Oculus Quill, 2021.

Short animation, Oculus Quill, 2021.

Short animation, Oculus Quill, 2020.

Animated still, Oculus Quill, 2020.

Sparsely animated scene accompanied by podcast-style audio, Oculus Quill, 2020.

Animation, Oculus Quill, 2021.

Short animation test, Adobe Medium + Blender, 2021.